What is the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program?                                                              
The Housing Choice Voucher Program was formally known as the Section 8 Program.  The voucher program is designed to help low-income families obtain affordable housing and to provide increased housing choices.

Are you accepting applications for the HCV Program?                                                                       
Currently Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority CRHA is not accepting applications; once applications are accepted again it will be announced in the local news papers and on CRHA website.

How much will CRHA pay on a program participant's behalf ? 
The maximum amount that the Public Housing Authority (PHA) will pay is an amount equal to the payment standard established by Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for a particular bedroom size minus the family’s total tenant payment. 

 Do I have to pay a security deposit?                                                                                             
The PHA does not pay any of the security deposit.  The amount of the deposit is determined by the owner of the unit.  The deposit may range in an amount up to two months of the total contract rent and it is to be paid prior to you moving in the unit.

How long may a participant remain on the program?              
A participant remains eligible for the program as long as the PHA has a housing assistance payment (HAP) to pay to the owner and the participant does not violate any program regulations.

How long does a participant have to look for a unit?                                                                  
Vouchers are effective for at least 60 days.  Depending on certain circumstances you may apply for an extension for an additional 30 days or longer.

What determines the number of bedrooms I qualify for?
CRHA has subsidy standards established that are used to determine the appropriate number of bedrooms for families of different size and compositions.                                                                                                

Where may I use my voucher?  
You may search for suitable housing anywhere in the City of Chesapeake.    You may also continue to live at your present unit.  Wherever you decide to live you must first be approved by CRHA,  the unit  must be the  appropriate size for your family, the rent must be determined  reasonable and the unit must pass a housing quality standard  inspection.

What is portability?                                                                                                                        
Portability gives you the option to transfer your voucher anywhere in the United States with a tenant-based HCV Program.

What is my annual recertification?                                                                                               
Sometimes called reexamination the process of securing documentation of total family income used to determine the rent a family will pay for the next 12 months.

What do I do when my income changes?                                                                                   
You must report all changes in your income and household composition in person at CRHA 1468 S. Military Highway Chesapeake, Virginia  23320  Monday-Thursday between 8am-5pm.    

 May I move other people into my assisted unit?                                                                                
You may add others to your household composition; however, they must be approved by CRHA before they may move into your assisted unit.  To add others to your household composition they must come with you to the office on the above days and times so that you may complete a Interim change form.  To be added the individual must bring with them a current state issued pictured identification card, birth certificate and social security card.

Who is responsible for paying my utility bills?                                                                         
You must refer to the executed lease to determine the responsible party.   Utilities must be current at all times if the family or the owner is     responsible for paying the bill; even when a utility service is not being    used because of climate conditions that utility service must be connected and the bill current.

How do I qualify for the HCV Section 8 Program?                                                                    
Submit an application when applications are being accepted.  Must meet income guidelines based on the number of people in the household.  Must   meet screening criteria:  Must past criminal background check  must not owe any money to the PHA for previous occupancy.  Registered sex offenders are not eligible for the program.  Persons convicted of manufacturing or producing methamphetamine on the premises of federally assisted housing. Citizenship or eligible immigration status must be established.  One will continue to qualify for the program as long they remain in good standing by following the program regulations.

I have property I would like to rent to HCV program participants how do I list my property?  
Please call Zina Grimes at (757) 523-0401 to place your property on our Referral List of properties.  This list is provided for HCV participants and the general public.  We will advertize your property at no cost for you until it is leased.

 How do I select a person to rent my property?                                                                               
Verify that the individual has a voucher by requesting a copy of the voucher   Screen families who apply to determine if they will be good renters as we only conduct criminal background checks.   Consider a family’ background rental history by contacting previous landlords.

Once my property is rented what are my responsibilities as a landlord?                           

1. Responsible for screening families who apply to determine their suitability as renters.    
2. Compliance with terms of the Housing Assistance Payment Contract.   
3. Conduct normal landlord functions during the term of the lease. 
4. Compliance with assisted lease.   
5. Compliance with equal opportunity requirements. 
6. Maintaining housing units by making necessary repairs of acceptable   quality in a timely manner.   
7. Must adhere to provisions on modifications to a dwelling unit occupied  or to be occupied by a person (s) with disabilities. 
8. May not lease property to a relative (parent, child, grandparent, grandchild, sister, or brother) of any member of the assisted family, unless approved by PHA for handicap accessibility.
9. Lease may not require more than sixty (60) days moving notice from tenant. 
10. The HCV Section 8 office must receive notice as to any rent adjustments in accordance to the lease and at least sixty (60) days prior to date of requested adjustments.   
11 .Collect rents, security deposits, and charges for unit damage by the  family due from assisted families and otherwise complying with and  enforcing leases. 
12. Security deposit cannot exceed the amount charged to unassisted tenants. 
13. Payment for owner-supplied utilities and services.

When will I get paid for allowing the participant to live in my property?                        
HAP checks are issued between the 1st and the 5th each month as long as the participant remains in good standing with the program and the unit continues to meet HUD Housing Quality Standards.

Who determines the rent for my property when I rent it to a program participant?        
The owner states the contract rent for the property.  The PHA will determine if the requested amount by the owner is reasonable by comparing the rent with other unassisted rents of similar size, features and   amenities.

Are there special circumstances for disabled individuals?                                                    
Persons with disabilities may request a reasonable accommodation in order to fully utilize the HCV Program.  A reasonable accommodation is a change, exception or adjustment to a rule, policy, practice or service.

What are the advantages for owner/landlords?  Owners/landlords who participate in the Section 8 Existing Program?  
They are able to fill vacancies quickly; housing assistance payments are made by the housing authority directly to the landlord and the owner/landlord retains his/her right to screen and choose the tenant.