Locating Suitable Housing

CRHA will provide the family with a Request for Tenancy Approval and a Lead Disclosure Form (RFTA) to complete with the landlord and a copy of the Tenancy Addendum and a referral list of properties available for rental. These forms along with an unsigned proposed lease must be submitted to CRHA to begin the lease-up process.

The family will be responsible for locating their choice of housing. They may check the newspaper, virginiaHousingSearch.com, CRHA Available Housing List, Real Estate agencies and the internet.   Please note that the rent must be reasonable.

The family may opt to stay where they are. If the family decides to stay where they are, they must have the landlord prepare an unsigned proposed lease and the unit must meet the inspection requirements completed by CRHA’s Housing Quality Inspector.


The rent must be reasonable.
The unit must pass inspection.
The owner must be willing to enter into a contract with CRHA and comply with program regulations.