Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority among sponsors for Kids and Pros Football Camp at Oscar Smith High School

Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority (along with Towne Bank, Optima, CHKD and the National Football League) was proud to sponsor the 2019 Kids and Pros Football Camp offered at Oscar Smith High School from July 16th - 18th.  Nearly 400 students registered for the event with a turnout significantly better than expected despite the extremely high temperatures and at a times, inclement thunderstorms and downpours. Opening night included a Parent Session sponsored by CHKD Sports Medicine with information presented by a concussion specialist to educate parents, followed by an engaging group session with Buddy Curry himself.  A number of CRHA staff and Healthy Chesapeake employees volunteered their time to assist with on-site registration and camp logistics.  The camp proved to be extremely successful with the following professional athletes onsite:
  • Buddy Curry (UNC/Atlanta Falcons)
  • Bobby Butler (FL State/Atlanta Falcons)
  • Ken Oxendine (Virginia Tech/Atlanta Falcons)
  • Dion Foxx (JMU/Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers)
  • Robert Moore (Northwestern/Atlanta Falcons)

On the final day of the camp, the pro athletes and camp directors presented the participants with Camp Leadership and Sportsmanship Awards.  Buddy Curry and Justin Brooks (Executive Director of Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority) provided closing remarks and sponsor recognition for those supporting the first-time Chesapeake event.  The Chesapeake Police Department volunteers who donated their time as "Undercover Coaches" were also acknowledged.   

CRHA is already gearing up to bring the Kids and Pros Camp back to Chesapeake again next year.  Please plan to be a sponsor for this wonderful event so that even more youth have the opportunity to participate in this valuable camp.
For additional information on sponsorship, please contact us at or (757) 233-6425.  

Group Pic     20190716_203350   
Camp participants, coaches and volunteers pose for a group photo
20190716_175339     20190716_173226
                           Day One of Camp - registration

20190716_175527     CPD & Pros 
Justin Brooks, CRHA Executive Director and Buddy Curry                                 Chesapeake Police Department surprised participants at the end of the
camp by unveiling they had been "Undercover Coaches"   
Buddy & Doug    
Doug Pursley and Buddy Curry autograph souvenir footballs                            Professional athletes hosted an autograph session at camp closing    
20190718_203900   20190716_203039
                             "Meet and Greet with the Pros"                                                               Each athlete shared personal stories of perseverance
20190716_183100     20190717_200742
 Bobby Butler engages participants with a pep talk                                                                      Camp attendees hit the field with the Pros
20190716_191705     20190716_191529
       Buddy Curry demonstrates the proper use of equipment                                              Buddy Curry engages parents in a live demonstration 
20190716_184639     20190716_174931
                                         The Parent Session                                                                                                        Pre-Camp strategizing 
20190716_202537  20190716_201946
                                           Teamwork/Character Building                                                                                   Camp participants run drills 
 20190716_203416     20190716_204218
                                     The Pros take the spotlight 
20190716_183848  20190718_202408

Respect Attendees were attentive throughout the camp  
The  Awards Ceremony 

20190718_202945  20190718_202948

20190718_202741     20190718_211126       
Special thanks to the 2019 Camp Volunteers 
20190716_181810     20190716_173230 - Copy
      Chesapeake Redevelopment &Housing Authority Staff Volunteers              Volunteers from Healthy Chesapeake also supported the event

     20190716_175001 Camp t-shirts were provided to all participants


                            PLEASE JOIN US AGAIN IN 2020!!
Signed Souvenir Football