The Resident Services Department is built on the premise that all economic, educational, health and family issues must be addressed concurrently. Our mission is to bring together comprehensive approach to address the wide spectrum of residents’ needs and to provide a means by which CRHA can form partnerships with residential leaders, private and public agencies, and the broader community to promote economic empowerment and to help residents to become self-sufficient.

Challenges of limited economic resources and educational opportunity impede the self-sufficiency of families living in public and assisted housing.   Barriers foster permanent dependence.  Resident Services seeks to develop strategies that identify and access:

Inadequate financial resources   Low wage jobs
School "drop outs" Deficient job training skills
Unavailable child care No access to transportation
Lack of knowledge of GED training and fear of returning to school as an adult

The solution is empowerment. Providing direct and indirect services, CRHA helps families achieve greater stability through a combination of life skills development. Workplace training, and employment referrals.  Direct and indirect services provided by CRHA staff or partners to assist residents with becoming self-sufficient:

Computer Training Family Self-Sufficiency Program Job Readiness Training
Career Counseling GED Preparation Self-Esteem Group
Youth After School Programs Personal Financial Management Home Maintenance
Family Counseling One on One Counseling Home Visits

The Resident Services Department hosts an Empowerment Conference at the Chesapeake Conference Center. For more information, please contact Resident Services at the number above. 

Resident Services has a large number of partners that provide indirect services including:

  • Opportunity, Inc. - Job training, career counseling
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension Services – Community education
  • Tidewater Builders Association (TBA) – Apprenticeship programs, skills/trade
  • Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – Free income tax preparation and community outreach
  • Sentara Family Care – Insurance for children
  • Community Service Board – community education and awareness
  • Social Services – provides financial and social services to families or individuals
  • YMCA – provides community based programs
  • Tidewater Community College – job training programs
  • Church of the Philippians - GED preparation
  • Youth Entertainment Services (YES) – youth development
  • Community Resource Network – Community Resources
  • Woodland Heights Baptist – food baskets
  • Cannon Baptist – food baskets
  • Salvation Army – Toys for Tots
  • Boy Scouts of America – community service
  • The Urban League of Hampton Roads – AIDS education and testing, job referrals and placement
  • Chesapeake Community on Youth Services – youth development
  • Chesapeake Public School System – GED education