Spring Fling at Broadlawn Park

Broadlawn Park’s Resident Council recently hosted its Spring Fling Event in an effort to engage youth and inspire them to keep their minds active while enjoying spring break.  When Healthy Chesapeake reached out stating they wanted to partner to bring activities to the Broadlawn community, CRHA was elated.  CRHA focuses on bringing communities together and from March 15th – 17th, our Resident Council members collaborated with Healthy Chesapeake to bring Spring Fling 2019 to Broadlawn Park. 
A significant amount of brainstorming and effort went into planning the 3-day event, which proved to be a huge success!  We had a great turnout of children, parents and volunteers.  Chesapeake’s WCTV-48 also joined the fun on Wednesday, April 17th to capture the Easter Egg hunt.  Healthy Chesapeake provided nutritious snacks daily and introduced the children to healthy foods they otherwise may not have explored. Broadlawn Resident Council members worked diligently each day to prepare for the activities and carried them out with the assistance of Healthy Chesapeake, Virginia Cooperative Extension and volunteers from the Broadlawn community.  CRHA is incredibly proud of its Resident Council team and the efforts to bring activities to its community. Each day, the children eagerly gathered on the Broadlawn Field to learn about various healthy living methods.   

On Day One, the youth were introduced to “Grow Boxes.” With guidance from Michael Andruczyk, they potted their own Sweet Basil seedlings and decorated their pots before planting Dill to take home. Later the same day, they participated in a Healthy Chef demonstration hosted by Rumel Johnson, where they learned that eating healthy can be fun and tasty when mixing ingredients together and incorporating seasonings to enhance flavor. We sincerely appreciate our volunteers from Virginia Cooperative Extension.  On Day Two, the children enjoyed Fitness Day with Dr. Wendy Schofer. The youth were introduced to yoga and physical fitness stations and ended the day with an all-time favorite game of kickball.  Dr. Schofer coached the team while expressing the importance of exercise to offset illnesses in children.  By Day Three, momentum ran high as the team launched the much awaited Easter Egg hunt. At the end of the 3-day event, there was a raffle drawing for a 32” flat screen television, generously donated by Healthy Chesapeake.  A very special thanks to our partners at Healthy Chesapeake for their team of staff and volunteers (Dr. Wendy Schofer, Jenny Fertig, Danielle Porzig, Calib Miller and Melissa). Without their partnership, this event would not have been the success it was. We look forward to partnering again for Spring Fling 2020!  Spring fling pics collage_Page_1

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